Sayama Blue

“The honor of indigo ” means that the disciples will be better than the teacher, but it is derived from the appearance of a much more vivid blue than the original indigo when dyed the cloth indigo . Foreigners who visited Japan long ago wore Japanese clothes dyed bright indigo, they saw the Indigo in many living goods such as towels and goodwill, they called Japan Blue. In modern times, indigo dye has faded by various dyeing techniques using chemical dyes, but the vivid, yet mysterious blue emerging from indigo still attracts the heart of people. Morimoto Kobo makes this indigo work with a unique design while making use of this traditional technique. In the vicinity of the workshop, there is an ancient pond and a Sayama pond that pounded blue water. In light of this, I named the indigo dye of Morimoto Kobo as Sayama Blue.

Sayama Pond