Let’s have Aizome Workshop!

Make a notecover with your own design!
  ♣Good  craft homework for school summer holidays!

Workshop (image)

Date:Aug 25(Fri), 2017  1PM~4PM
Place:Morimoto Kobo    6-1179, Handa Osakasayama
(1)Cut out a template by your own design
(2)Put the template on pre-dyed cloth
(3)Put glue on the part you want to remove dye
 Your design will come out after washing!
Note! Children must be accompanied by parent because they  use cutterknives.
Price: 2,500 JPY including tax (Material included)
Application: Tel to KURIYA 072-360-0007
Mail to KURIYA  kuriya@kuriya-osakasayama.com